Association Management Evaluation Toolkit - Recognizing Success and Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

This publication supports an association's efforts to become a high performance association. In order to meet members high expectations and deliver on the expectations, it is essential that an association applies a culture of continuous improvement.

The tool supports continuous improvement initiatives. it is base on key association management competencies and is used to measure best practices to current association activity, and to identify what is going well, and to recognize what areas need improvement or new initiative which need to be put in place. Practices identified are common to associations and other types of no-tor-profits. The publication comes with a CD that allows key files to be filled in and printed.

Associations can use the tool to establish priorities in terms of organizational improvements. The tool can be completed as a self-evaluation by an individual or a team.

Boards looking to recruit a Chief Staff Officer (CSO) may wish to use the tool as part of the assessment to determine competencies and priorities for the new CSO and they may wish to use it as part of an evaluation process.

Boards can use the tool to demonstrate accountability to the membership by reporting on improvements required and made. This sends a messages that the Board is making the best use of members' money and using better practices.

Completion of the evaluation prior to strategic or operational planning will help clarify the current status of an organization.

While the tool can be used on a self-evaluation basis, it is possible to have an independent association management and leadership consultant complete the evaluation or gather the organization's team responses through and online survey and conduct the analysis and make recommendations for action. If you are interesting in having an independent analysis contact

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Benchmarking and Best Practices for Associations

Jim B. Pealow

Individuals and organizations constantly look for new and innovative ways to improve what they do. This book will inform those in the association community about benchmarking and provide them with access to over 200 best practices that will save associations time and money, and improve the quality of association activities.

The best practices in this publication cover a broad spectrum of association management issues and are based on CSAE's Association Management Competency Standards.

Along with extensive information on benchmarking, best practices and performance indicators, the author deals with specific strategic and operational issues that are relevant to all types of associations and non-profit organizations. This is the reference book for today's association executive.


  • introduction to benchmarking
  • association leadership practices
  • membership and services practices
  • support and operations practices
  • association structure and environment practices
  • benchmarking examples

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Best Practices and Tools for Not-for-Profit Boards, 2nd Edition

By James B. Pealow, CAE & Sandi L. Humphrey, CAE

Effective governance is key to any associations success. Building upon the no-nonsense, pragmatic approach used to address key issues in the first edition, Best Practices and Tools for Not-for-Profit Boards, 2nd Edition, provides further insight and guidance to ensure the success of your Board. This book combines best practices and easy-to-use tools to help develop and enhance Board leadership and capacity and addresses an array of fundamental, but critical questions:

  • What is the Board's real role?
  • What are Boards and individual members liable for?
  • How does the Board determine priorities?
  • What policies should the Board implement and uphold?

Best Practices and Tools for Not-for-Profit Boards, 2nd Edition is an essential resource for all senior association executives and volunteer leaders in Canada.

Competencies covered:

  • People Practices
  • Policy Practices
  • Process Practices
  • Property Practices
  • People Tools
  • Policy Tools
  • Process Tools
  • Property Tools
Canadian Association Management, 2nd Edition

The definitive source of information on leadership, latest developments, and best practices in the not-for-profit sector.

Executive Editors James B. Pealow, CAE and Sandi L. Humphrey, CAE

The authors include the Executive Editors as well as 28 others. This book is the second edition of the first comprehensive Canadian text that covers the basics and more of association management. The chapters in this publication are tied to the Association Management Competency Standards adopted by the Canadian Society of Association Executives. The editors partnered with both seasoned and emerging Canadian association leaders with significant knowledge, interest, and expertise in the competency areas. These individuals have contributed valuable knowledge to this publication. The publications content is used in the courses leading to the Certified Association Executive (CAE) professional designation.

Fundamentals of Management, Eighth Canadian

Fundamentals of Management, Eighth Canadian Edition Plus MyManagementLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package (8th Edition) Paperback – Jan 15 2016
by Stephen P. Robbins (Author), David A. DeCenzo (Author), Mary A. Coulter (Author), Ian Anderson (Author)

 “Management Is for Everyone”

The world of business affects our lives every day, and “management” will affect the lives of all of us who work for a living. Fundamentals of Management, Eighth Canadian Edition delivers a text, supplemental materials, and online learning package that will engage students in a positive and direct manner as they build their fundamental knowledge of business in general and management in particular.

In addition to viewing the material from the student perspective, our authors strove to facilitate the instructor’s use and application of the rich subject material and resources to provide a dynamic, interactive, and enjoyable classroom experience.

0134283597 / 9780134283593 Fundamentals of Management, Eighth Canadian Edition Plus MyManagementLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package, 8/e

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Learning Links

James B. Pealow CAE, MBA, CPA-CMA

Jim is a key leader in the not-for-profit community, with more than 30 years of experience in industry, three levels of government, and associations. For several years, he has been contributing the popular “Learning Link” column to Association™ magazine, the official periodical of CSAE.

Learning Links is a collection of 32 of Jim’s articles from the past six years, featuring innovative ideas and practical solutions applied to trends, issues, challenges and opportunities for the not-for-profit community.

This publication provides a wealth of relevant and reliable information for any not-for-profit executive. In fact, several of the articles have already become part of the syllabus for the CAE® program.

Topics include:

  • performance measurement
  • volunteer leadership training
  • human resource policies
  • association taxes
  • balanced scorecards
  • Six Sigma
  • member Services
  • finance function
  • technology

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Successfull Meetings for Not-for-Profit Volunteer Leaders and Staff

By James B. Pealow CAE, MBA, CPA-CMA

A how-to guide to leading and effectively managing meetings in a not-for-profit environment. It will assist volunteer leaders and staff to carry out their roles and responsibilities when conducting and participating in meetings and making decisions on behalf of the organization.

This publication will help volunteer leaders and staff make decisions and understand the critical elements, policies, processes and practices required to manage and participate in successful meetings.

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