Please help yourself to the resources below. If you have any questions while using them, please contact us to learn more.

SWOT Questionnaire (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

This tool will help you determine where your organization really stands.

Remember; do not use this tool alone! For maximum effectiveness, you should share with your co-workers. Find out what they think, and then take action.

Ethical Decision Making Framework and Guidelines

The right questions to consider for ethical decision-making.

Strategic Management Questionnaire

How well does your organization engage in strategic management?

Use this questionnaire to regularly assess your association's activities.

Strategy Evaluation Tool

So, you have developed a strategy and it is being implemented. But;

Is it still a good one?
Is it still workable?
Are there new barriers to implementation?
Has the internal/external environment changed?
Do you need to abandon this strategy or adjust the supportive action?
Are you just not getting it done?
This tool will help you decide if so and why. 

Strategy/SWOT Matrix Tool

This tool provides a systematic approach to identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) and will assist the strategic planning process.

When you are done formulating your SWOT list, do not leave it on a flip chart or in some report never to be formally analyzed. A lot of work goes into generating this list, yet many organizations do not adequately address the findings. Don't be one of them!

Knowledge Management Assessment Tool

This tool provides insight into the status of knowledge management activities in your organization.