Association Management

We provide the expertise and resources to effectively manage day-to-day operations so that volunteers are freed up to focus on vision and strategy.

Our turnkey and specialized service solutions provide associations with unparalleled flexibility, agility and financial advantages and offer the following benefits:

  • Cost effectiveness – Purchasing power generates cost savings, better service and improved flexibility. There is no need for office space or equipment and there are therefore lower overhead expenses.
  • Quality and access to affordable professionalism and management expertise – Our professionals have access to best- in-class practices and are able to get things done more efficiently as there is less time spent reinventing policies and processes. When additional support is required, expertise in other areas such as governance and planning is available.
  • Flexibility and risk management – The right level of expertise is matched with the workload so that the Board can spend less time on administrative and clerical matters and more time on leadership and strategy. It is easier to change, expand or downsize resources without the organization facing the burden of firing and hiring. Unforeseen human resources challenges and related liabilities are not dealt with by the Board.
  • Professional Services – A pool of resources with association expertise is available to address special project needs.
  • Continuity – Continuity during leadership and staff changes is ensured.

Services include:

  • Board and Committee Support
  • Strategic Plan Management and Reporting
  • Financial and Administrative Management
  • Membership Management
  • Communications
  • Program Management (Education, Certification, Conferences and Events, Government and Public Relations,

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