Contributor : Christina Mash

Time Management Hacks

To start Spring off on a controlled foot, we recently had a "time-management hack" lunchtime discussion at AMCES. We each brought our top 2 productivity tools as well as our biggest time management problems for sharing and hopefully solving.  

Board Orientation - What Should Really Take Place

...I was pleased to learn at CSAE's national conference that several executives plan to increase training activity in their organizations and that the column was a reminder to get started. On the other hand, my discovery that some of our colleagues are not even at the board orientation stage had me quite disappointed.

Human Resource Policy Manuals 

Capturing explicit knowledge for an organization's most important resource - people - is a key first step in improving an organization's knowledge management practices.

Can Associations Become High Performing Organizations?

It depends on how a high performance association is defined and whether or not an association board and staff are willing to make the investment and deliver to their members.

How Healthy is Accountability in Your Association?

When people think about accountability, they rarely think in terms of a broad framework. Rather, they think of bits and pieces such as audited financial statements, annual general meetings, reports and staff performance evaluations. Yet practices go well beyond these core requirements and it is possible to have an integrated framework.